Unique approach

The training and development of managers and employees represents a crucial piece of the business and brand development process. Indeed when considering some of the world’s top performing companies; including: BP, GE, Virgin, Emirates Airlines, Goldman Sachs and Ritz Carlton, while all in different sectors they all have one fundamental component in common; a first class and progressive training and development program.

The Next Idea’s commitment to training is unsurpassed in our industry. We believe that, while we can deliver leading edge creative, conceptual and operational services and products, without robust execution through well trained managers and employees, the ability to succeed is diminished. Our training and people development services have been used by a wide array of clients across the globe. Equally, through our experience with international clients throughout the world The Next Idea has unique exposure to best practice from every region. This results in the consolidation of global best practice which is then included in our training and development programs.

Our mission is to deliver first class and measurable performance execution – not just in terms of training programs and best practice operating procedures, but to ensure customer / guest engagement at all levels, and ultimately, the delivery of a memorable and exceptional customer / guest experience.

Every one of our consultants possesses practical managerial experience in the hospitality, restaurant or retail sectors. Therefore our team has direct experience of your business, and understands the daily issues that can arise  speaks your language and knows what it takes to deliver tailored training solutions that deliver tangible results.

Past clients or employers that our training team has had the privilege to work with includes: Ritz Carlton, Hyatt, Fairmont Hotels, Albert Roux, House of Fraser, Estee Lauder, Meridian, Planet Hollywood, SEGA international, Sushiitto, HMS Host, Panera Bread, Starbucks and Safeway.

The Next Idea Training and Development Services include:

  • Operational assessment and the generation of a related training and development program
  • Custom designed training programs for each individual concept, taking into account, the business/brand personality and culture
  • Departmental training focusing on technical and emotional needs of each department team
  • Management and leadership development
  • Succession planning – all employee and management levels
  • Organization Structure, and job profiles (with development paths)
  • Training program development, covering all areas
  • Personal development plans with certification and graduation process’s
  • Training execution plans with subsequent follow up systems thus ensuring on-going implementation and management
  • E-Learning solutions, with web based monitoring and results analysis

The definitive results of our restaurant and hospitality training Solutions are measured as follows:

  • Elevated customer satisfaction levels
  • Substantial enhancement of skill levels amongst the management and employee base
  • Development of teams with complimentary talents and abilities providing greater execution capabilities
  • Reduction in attrition rates,

Improved performance with staff achieving objectives, managers involving themselves in staff development and
those[managers and staff] with high aptitude being identified and fast-tracked more effectively to maximise their own potential and success for the business.