Standard operating procedures


In addition to Manuals, The Next Idea provides a range of Systems and Log books, (sometimes known as Red Books).
Our Proprietary online Manager Log System, TNILog, is state of the art in restaurant and retail management, removing the environmentally unfriendly paperwork, switching to a mobile compatible system that reminds managers when checks are required and keeps a record of activity – visit

The Next Idea  has developed an entire line of products and solutions to help restaurant, café and foodservice managers and owners address their biggest concerns: operational excellence,  food safety/compliance, increasing sales, and improving employee retention and customer service.

Using our management, training and operational tools and services, including our customized online Manager’s Red Book and Restaurant forms, The Next Idea delivers an essential system for managing your operations.

•    Drive operational efficiency

•    Maintain high quality service levels

•    Maintain compliance with policy and legal matters

•    Increase revenues and ticket average

•    Personalize the guest experience

•    Develop effective training programs

•    Manage day to day issues