Performance analysis

Performance analysis involves gathering formal and informal data to help businesses and sponsors define and achieve their goals. Performance analysis uncovers several perspectives on a problem or opportunity, determining any and all drivers towards or barriers to successful performance, and proposing a solution system based on what is discovered.

Here's a list of some of the things youmaybe doing as part of a performance analysis:

• Interviewing a sponsor
• Reading the annual report
• Chatting at lunch with a group of customer service representatives
• Reading the organization's policy on customer service, focusing particularly on the recognition and incentive aspects
• Listening to audiotapes associates with customer service complaints
• Leading a focus group with supervisors
• Interviewing some randomly drawn representatives
• Reviewing the call log
• Reading an article in a professional journal on the subject of customer service performance improvement
• Chatting at the supermarket with somebody who is a customer, who wants to tell you about her experience with customer service

At the restaurant level performance analysis reaches every measurable metric available, from sales statements, through to profit and loss charts, comparative statistics, customer feedback platforms, (comment cards, surveys, mystery shopper, etc).

At the Next Idea, when we work with a client, our first assessment is of the Performance Analysis tools in place, and to ensure that there is a comprehensive process in place to assess the business performance. Once we understand the metrics and results that are not being reported, we implement systems that measure all aspects of the business and begin the process of improvement !

Our Performance Analysis tools include:
• KPI assessment
• Scorecards
• Financial reports
• Employee assessments
• Operating assessments
• Financial management review
• Inventory and shrinkage analysis
• Loss prevention
• Asset management and recording
• Menu Maximization
• Training measurements
• Efficiency analysis