Food & beverage operating systems

The Next Idea’s unique global perspective takes account of current trends within the hospitality and restaurant industries. In particular we consider the management of food and beverage (or food service) operations set within a broader business framework applying greater consideration to the management of food service operations within an ever changing business environment.

Our philosophy behind our proprietary systems relies on the application of our systems and the ongoing management of operations.

Our technology and operating procedures include a systematic approach to the design, planning and control of food and beverage operations, and also recognizes the need to manage operations as operating systems.

We consider food and beverage operations as comprising of three distinct but interlinked systems: food production, food and beverage service as a delivery system and food and beverage service as a customer process system.

The component parts of the three systems are integrated as well as the linkages between them, and how these together create a world class food and beverage operation.

The importance of Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) can never be devalued – consistency in the application of a great product is a major differentiating factor in being mediocre or extemporary – in financial terms: extemporary typically out performs mediocre by 3 to 1!

The Next Idea provides client’s with its own proprietary suite of services and operating systems. These include but are not limited to:

• Inventory Management

• Product receiving and processing

• Financial management systems

• Back of House management systems (integrated with Restaurant POS)

• Management log and operational management systems (TNI Log)

• Social media & document management systems (Nextweb2)

• Restaurant & Hospitality Operating Manuals

• Human Resource systems and best practice

• Food Handling & Safety

• Restaurant Product Manuals

• Purchasing procedures

• Cash handling and management

• Scheduling