Customer journey

The customer journey is basically the customer experience in a specific restaurant, hotel or retail environment. Consideration of the sequence of touchpoints of the customer within a given space make way for an enhanced customer experience or ‘Journey’.

The normal day-to-day activities inside of companies make it very easy for all employees and managers to forget that every stage in the customer experience is critical to engage that customer, and entice repeat business. So, over time, the decisions that companies make end up straying farther and farther away from addressing the actual needs of customers. When they say that men are from from  Mars and woman from Venus, the same can be said about the Customer – Company relationship – indeed very often it appears that customers are from Earth and Companies arrived on some galactic wrong turn!.

The Next Idea takes gives maximum priority to The Customer Journey. We use tools and processes that reinforce an understanding of actual customer needs. One of the key tools in this area is something called a customer journey map (also known as a touchpoint map). Used appropriately, these maps can shift a company’s perspective from inside-out to outside-in. However, more importantly we train our clients and their teams to stop thinking like businesses and begin to think like customers. Our advanced techniques use real life customer and employee experiences and convert the emotional reactions into statistical costs and sales – thus demonstrating the financial and brand importance of the positive customer experience.