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Our modern world is information centric and driven by the massive technology advances of the past 20 years. Nowadays everyone needs comprehensive solution for their everyday needs. Small to Medium Enterprises and large corporate organizations need robust IT applications and other technology services to both manage and maximize their revenues.

The Next Idea’s Technology venture (popularly known as TNI Technology) provides next generation Web and IT solutions to serve the comprehensive organizational needs of modern corporates along with small to medium enterprises.

TNI Technology provides advanced web application development, e-Commerce solutions, and web and graphic design services. TNI Technology employs a team of highly trained and experienced technical professionals with diverse set of IT skills. Professionals working at TNI Technology focus on delivering robust and reliable IT solutions to their global clients.

TNI Technology has expertise in the development of SaaS applications to maximize the potential of any organization. With their innovative SaaS applications, TNI Technology can support SME’s in reducing their investments on various crucial IT implementations.

TNI Technology is far ahead of other major IT players in web 2.0 segment. The past projects portfolio of TNI Technology clearly confirms its experience and competency in providing cutting edge IT solutions. With their exclusiveness, creativity in work accomplishments, and customer focused approach TNI Technology has acquired a prestigious place in the world of online programming and design. In essence TNI Technology represents a one stop IT solution provider.

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