Our clients know just how demanding point of purchase can be, from 3D displays to posters and leaflets. Language, cultural and in-store variables all create challenges.

Local sourcing is seen as the best way to deliver brands on time but can run over budget or miss brand guidelines. TNI enables local and regional sourcing wherever it is most effective, without losing visibility or supplier management capabilities.

Clients can use our services to manage their entire PoP work-flow, from creative briefing to packing center delivery. This offers many benefits – in particular, the ability to capture material and service costs across a region or globally. This process transparency identifies and manages local variations, enhances spend visibility and aggregates procurement of creative agency fees, quality assurance, technical drawings, paper purchasing, logistics and more.

Our services and products include:
•    Packaging
•    Business Cards & letterhead
•    POP
•    POS
•    Posters
•    Menu Boards
•    Menu Covers
•    Custom Printing
•    Banners
•    Menus
•    Flyers
•    Loyalty cards
•    Uniforms
•    Promotional gifts
•    Branded items