As a result of the recent, dramatic changes in the global economy, we find ourselves doing business in a new world.  And in this new economic world, many of the old solutions are no longer sufficient.  With traditional methods such as slicing jobs merely compounding the problem—and amplified marketing efforts bringing with them amplified expenditures—innovative economic solutions are quickly coming to the forefront as the most effective methods for weathering the current storm.

The Next Idea has created its own proprietary purchasing and cost reduction system to provide value to clients looking to reduce their purchasing and expenses.

TNI’s system differs from other cost-cutting consulting services because of its value-based focus on protecting jobs!  Rather than relying on layoffs, TNI uses proprietary analyses to reveal overlooked expenses and unique sources of revenue.  Additionally, we support clients in more efficiently utilizing employee skill sets to generate higher productivity…without increasing hours or workload.  Therefore, we accomplish our mission with no disruption to staff, operations, or the standard flow of work.

Unlike most consultancies, TNI does not merely pass along strategies, then leave clients to struggle with implementation.  As with all our projects, we take a hands-on role in execution, either completing change initiatives ourselves or actively supporting the process.

What Industries Does TNI Service?

TNI specializes in the hospitality, leisure, entertainment, retail, and food and beverage industries, our creative techniques and meticulous expense-seeking missions can boost the bottom line for almost any business.  This includes national and international chains and conglomerates as well as startups, non-profits, and small-to-midsize organizations.

How Does TNI’s cost reduction and purchasing system work?

Our service is one of the most innovative in the industry.  While we follow up with our unique, proprietary methods, we initiate the process with basic strategies for generating savings to enhance client net revenue:

•    Careful and comprehensive analysis of P&L
•    Review of operating ratios
•    Examination of source and vendor pricing
•    Review of eco-friendly product and solution options, to enhance environmental preservation in addition to cost-savings
•    Renegotiation of source and vendor contracts
•    Review and potential renegotiation of lease agreements
•    Operation, production, and administrative cost-mitigation analysis
•    Identification of potential new sources of revenue
•    Assessment of employee skills and functioning
•    Interviewing of administrative and key operating staff to keep employees involved in the process

Why TNI?

In short, why is TNI the best all-around hospitality consulting group for helping companies manage their expenses is described as follows:

•    TNI cuts costs to positively impact P&L without eliminating jobs.
•    TNI expands on traditional cost-cutting strategies with highly creative methods that do not negatively impact operational flow, product quality, or team morale.
•    TNI takes an active role in the execution of cost-reduction changes—as opposed to simply turning over a list of ideas, Innovative Recession Economics actually carries out the tasks and/or manages the processes.
•    TNI searches for environmentally friendly cost-saving solutions—many times identifying changes that facilitate corporate goodwill as well as a reduction in expenses.
•    TNI works with management, administrative, and operational personnel—giving employees greater buy-in and a feeling of being part of the solution, not part of the problem.
•    TNI calms companies in today’s turbulent times with proven cost-cutting experience—an impressive record of saving clients between $500,000 and $2.7 million per business, supporting companies in navigating the toughest economic crisis the world has seen in over 50 decades.
•    TNI boasts a team offering over 100 years of cumulative experience in operations and finance management for the restaurant, retail, and leisure industries.
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email: info@thenextidea.net