Due diligence

TNI possesses highly defined Strategic & Business planning skill-sets, with direct experience in developing/modeling for major corporations all internal/external company divisions to attain all stated financial, sales, marketing, competitive positioning, brand development & M&A goals and objectives, (five/ten year plans).

Our consultants include C-Level Brand/Business Development, M&A, Strategic Planning and Inbound/Outbound specialists, who are very comfortable in the management/project direction of a diverse number of Strategic & Business Planning initiatives/projects.

Previous projects have included such major channel markets throughout North America & Internationally as Hospitality, Entertainment, Recreation, Leisure-Time Industries, QSR, Retail, Gourmet Supermarkets (Whole Foods, Dori’s), Specialty/Tourism Retail Malls (Intrawest Style) Travel & Tourism, Food & Beverage Manufactures and Local, State & Federal Governments.

Representative companies our team have worked with include: Time/Warner, Morgan/Stanley, Dean Witter, Fidelity Group, Biltmore Estates, Wildlife Conservation Society (Bronx Zoo), World trade Center, Disney, Universal Studios, Simon Group, Mall of America, Sawgrass Mills, Santa Monica Pier, MGM Hotel Group, Coca–Cola, PepsiCo Partners, Ford Motor Company, Kraft North America, Nabisco, Oscar Mayer, Nabisco Food Service Company, Quaker oats Company, HJ Heinz Company, Exxon Corp, OSI Industries, DR Pepper, House of Fraser, Safeway Stores, Virgin Trains, Motown Records to name a few.

Our Strategic & Business planning initiatives conducted by our team have involved field & corporate due diligence, SWOT & PESTT analysis, benchmarks, best practices, backcasting analysis/ modeling, KPI models and ROI/NPV/IRR/WACC modeling tied to a highly defined corporate/field, vision, goals & objectives. These NEW Strategies drive all initiatives, task, approach, transition plans, and direction of the related company.Strategic & Business Planning developmental tools & instruments include Gantt organizational charts, financial budgeting, ERP platforms, human resources succession planning, brand specific marketing & sales strategic plans, RFI/RFQ/RFP platform management, Integrated technology strategies and systems integration, quality assurance programs, risk management, public relations and internal/external communication platforms.