Menu creation

Menu creation and design is the foundation of any concept's success, it’s the primary product and the one thing that the customer is actually buying.

As our name suggests; The Next Idea creates menu selections that are on the cutting edge of food, we create flavors and visual appeal that our competitors cannot match, we use new techniques which more often than not are based on age old authentic traditions thus giving our clients balanced with targeted food cost, profit contribution and an eye for consistent execution.

Our culinary team are hand chosen for their experience with different food from all parts of the world, and we employ specialist chefs who are experienced in cuisines from all five continents, as well as patissieres and bakers who are world class in their field.

Restaurant Menu Creation is a not just a science its truly an art, it requires the innate ability to match flavors with a taste profile, it requires imagination, creativity, and the aptitude to merge ideas with execution able techniques.

The Next Idea’s team are deeply experienced with the following:
•    Restaurant / Café / / QSR / Fine Dining Menu Development

•    Ethnic menus including: Indian, Mexican, Latino, Chinese, Vietnamese, Middle Eastern, Mediterranean, Italian, Spanish, Japanese, Pan Asian, American, African, Moroccan, Eastern European &Australasian

•    Production tools: master ingredient lists, recipe specifications, order guides, prep and production schedules, product manuals.

•    Integrated systems to develop and roll-out menus and recipes for all fresh food operations, restaurants, grocers, markets and bakeries

•    Artisan food programs and farm to table purchasing