Brand creation

Restaurant brand creation is not just naming or symbolically tagging a business but it goes much beyond this. It is birth of a brand, which is headed towards fulfillment of all promises and guaranteeing top class services and products. Such a brand enjoys top of mind recall from its customers and a high level of brand loyalty.

The name is the first skirmish in the battle for consumer recognition and it is very important to make it a preemptive strike. The most important aspect of a brand's name and symbol is that it silently speaks everything about the company or product. Every name and symbol is associated with certain values, features and it tries to build a relationship with the business.

A tag line is the next step forward to explain your product offer: This descriptive tagline should be the anchor for all components of the concept, and the entire product positioning should match the tagline's description - from service style and hospitality, through to food and china.

TNI provides an interactive process when developing brands for clients: We develop the core identity elements ensuringthat brand identity stands out: logos, symbols, visual style and voice. By combiningthese with images, concepts and messages, we create thespace where the brand morphs into life.We name things, identifying the work a name needs to do and the kind of name that will engage the target customer.We also create the descriptors and slogans that help fill eachname with meaning.

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