Service with integrity our values

Our mission is to help people and companies explore extraordinary opportunities, manage and sustain growth, maximize revenue, and make the world a better place.

We are The Next Idea, an innovations based consulting agency, supported by deep roots in operations, business planning and strategic maneuvering. Our priority has, is, and always will be : – To provide our clients with The Next idea!

Our Most important Principles:

Provide Service with Integrity

Our service will be honest courteous and significant. We commit to responding to communications within 24 business hours, and always provide our clients with the best service and products we have to offer.

Promote innovation

We are The Next Idea, we will always seek to find The Next Idea, and we will always passionately encourage creative thinking in order to always provide The Next Idea!

Embrace Diversity

We embrace differences in the culture, experiences, education, and backgrounds of both our colleagues and clients around the world. We will always feel privileged being invited into new markets, and we commit to making every effort to understand local culture and values when working with our international clients.

Use TNI Process with a Passion

We will promote a drive and passion for the ideas and solutions we generate for our clients and colleagues through the use and transfer of our processes and protocols.

Create Value for our Clients

We will add value to our clients by producing measurable results.


We will maintain confidentiality at all times, and will never disclose ’ideas’ or ‘concepts,’ that are not in the public domain, we hear from either contracted clients or enquiring individuals or companies, or vendors.

Improve Quality and Provide Innovative Solutions

We will continually improve the quality of our services and search for new and creative ideas that will enable us to remain on the forefront innovation in the industries we serve.

Build Trusting Relationships

We will demonstrate and build: respect for others, trustworthiness, and personal and professional integrity, at all times, never wavering from our commitment to honesty.

Promote Teamwork

We will promote teamwork, collaboration, and cooperation throughout The Next Idea Group and affiliated companies.

Practice What We Preach

We will do what we say and manage our business using The Next Idea processes.

Share Information Openly and Honestly

We will share information throughout our company about its goals, performance, and activities and encourage open and honest discussion.