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Next on The Go Launches

05th Apr, 2010 by The Next Idea, Restaurant Consulting Group

One of America’s most innovative restaurant consulting groups, The Next Idea, will be launching their first online restaurant order programs, Next On The Go, in Mid April 2010.

Still, officially unannounced, Next On The Go, promises to be one of the leading online ordering portals very quickly.

With their background as leading international restaurant consultants and restaurant marketing consultants, The Next Idea, has paid close attention to the details when developing Next On The Go, understanding how the customer navigates a web page through to fast processing, and easy to read orders for the receiving restaurant.

Unlike many of its competitors, Next On The Go is a free online restaurant ordering program for its customers, with restaurants paying vastly reduced rates against Next On The Go’s competitors.

The technology includes; online e-gift cards, advanced loyalty and customer referral, search functions, instant sign up, restaurant advertising features. The Program is Proven to Increase Check Averages,  and is available for single and multi-unit restaurants who seek to expand their market reach, leverage new technology for greater ordering efficiency, and increase financial returns while offering an exceptional customer experience.


The service is supported by an instant chat facility for customer and restaurant support, and has a team of restaurant sales consultants, available for restaurant support or customer help.


The Next Idea, CEO, Robert Ancill said “we are delighted to be able to offer a program like this to our clients and the consumer, we believe that Next On The Go will be a game changer in the online ordering market, and have so far been very encouraged by the initial response”.


See Next On The Go at: http://www.nextonthego.com


About The Next Idea:


The Next Idea is a highly innovative and experienced team of international restaurant consultants and leisure consultants, who have successfully opened and managed more than 250 restaurants, bars, cafes, and hotels worldwide. Our team includes established experts in the restaurant, food, retail and leisure industry, offering a combined 100 years of restaurant, hotel and leisure experience. From running national restaurant chains to developing nationally known brands, The Next Idea consultancy has proven over and over their ability to tackle every possible challenge in the development and operations of profitable food service and leisure based businesses.


The Next Idea works internationally, and has executed restaurant consulting services in: US, UAE(Dubai), UK, Ireland, Malta, China, India and France. Their services include: Restaurant start-ups, Restaurant Training and HR, Concept development, restaurant marketing consulting, operations, and technology.


See The Next Idea at: http://www.thenextidea.net

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