Restaurant consulting firm

About The Next Idea

The Next Idea (TNI) is an International Hospitality and restaurant consulting group, possessing exclusive international coverage. We are based in Los Angeles, with offices in Dubai and India. We work across the world, specializing in concept creation and development – everything from strategy, brand and product development, through to design, execution and communication.

We are highly specialist and stay close to our expertise in food, food service operations, retail, restaurants, cafes, leisure and entertainment.

We differentiate ourselves from our competitors by always beginning with the end user – The Customer Experience, The Employee Training Experience, and the Brand Experience, are given the upmost priority when we approach a project.

Our international restaurant consulting experience provides rare capability and expertise for our clients, given our ability to bring together some of the advanced food and restaurant concepts presently found around the globe. We retain the knowledge, experience, and ability to take account of regional considerations such as local demographics, culture and tastes, therefore, our skill set becomes invaluable when developing uniquely differentiated concepts adopted for integrated markets.

In addition to our extensive management experience, our team of partners and consultants have collectively developed over 78 new concepts, and opened or refurbished over 750 restaurants and cafes worldwide. This experience brings deep knowledge of combining ideation and creative processing with the reality of day to day operations and execution.

The TNI team has consulted with some of the world’s most eminent Chefs, and upscale hospitality groups, in addition to working with clients in: entertainment, casual dining, fast casual dining, resorts, theme parks and travel. In each project we have been involved in all areas of the business, and have delivered programs and plans that have targeted the elevation of concept positioning, product and menu, operating standards, infrastructure, and overall quality.

Presently The Next Idea has concept development projects in: USA, Dubai & Abu Dhabi (UAE), Nigeria, China, Saudi Arabia, Lebanon, Bahrain, Qatar, UK, Kuwait, Thailand, Mexico, Bangladesh, and India.

The Next Idea specializes in Restaurant Concept Development. We are that catalyst that provides ideas and solutions for clients in the areas of:

• Start-ups
• Restaurant Interior Design
• Strategic solutions
• Concept development
• Creative branding
• Menu design
• Training
• Menu development and Menu Engineering
• New Product launches
• Cost reduction
• Profit solutions
• Operations and Efficiency
• Online solutions (Including website development, Web 2.0, and SEO)
• Marketing and Sales solutions
• Catering Programs and Catering Sales
• Human Resources
• Food & Beverage software

The Next Idea provides a range of unique Restaurant Operational services and hospitality consulting products that combine to make client operations more exciting, and appealing to the customer.

The most effective restaurant consulting is one that maximizes the growth of your business. The Next Idea’s experience in dealing with concept development, concept design business plans, and financial management is unsurpassable. Food, Design and ‘What’s Hot’ is our passion, and our depth of experience as Innovative Food and Operations Consultants enable us to present restaurant solutions that increase frequency, and generate new revenue streams. We specialize in the future!

That said – The only question to now ask is simply – where will you be without The Next Idea?